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There is no doubt that 2015 is an impeccable year for blockbuster entertainment. With major titles being unveiled each and every week, it is difficult to predict how each release will perform alongside a rival. This being said however, there is simply no doubt that the king of the box-office this weekend will be the former kings of the world as Colin Trevorrow’s eagerly-awaited Jurassic World finally storms into cinemas on 11th June.

To celebrate the release of his prehistoric franchise entry, we have compiled a list of five films to see before you purchase your ticket to Isla Nublar and enter the facility Dr. John Hammond dreamed that audiences would get to visit.

So without further ado, let’s get listing…


5. The Land That Time Forgot (1975)

The general consensus towards Kevin Connor’s fantasy adventure is that it’s a bit of a dud; in fact, it frequently features on many ‘Bad Movie’ lists and compilations. Despite popular opinion, his 1975  adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ timeless novel is actually something of a visual landmark, enabling the audience to be thrust into the heart of a dinosaur-populated island entitled Caprona.

A variety of pictures have mimicked or pledged homage to both the narrative and aesthetic composure of The Land That Time Forgot by applying these extinct beasts into timeframes way past their jurisdiction. Today – alongside the breathtaking digital effects we are so accustomed too – Connor’s feature looks severely dated, but like all monster movies of yesteryear, the one thing that time cannot erase is their charm.



4. Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Last year’s surprise Marvel hit confirmed two things: it is still possible to make a gleefully playful space opera, and that Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s newest go-to hero. Most audiences prior to James Gunn’s delightful intergalactic adventure had only seen Pratt as bumbling, oafish comic creations like the brilliant Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation, or stints in Delivery Man and The Five-Year Engagement.

Fast forward twelve months and the Star Lord actor is now an audience favourite; hunky and in-shape, hilarious and approachable, but most importantly, charismatic and compelling enough to carry the weight of a multi-million dollar picture on his shoulders. Guardians of the Galaxy was placed firmly on the proving ground – it had to make spectators care about a newer, lesser-knower gaggle of heroes, and thrust a performer potentially out of his depth into the firing line.

It is now considered one of the studio’s greatest achievements, and rightly so.

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