Jonathan Levine’s 50/50 is finally on the cusp of hitting the big screen in the UK. America has had it for some time now, and I was lucky enough to catch it last month at the London Film Festival (and thought it deserved every one of the 5 stars I gave it in my review), and now its release is literally just a day away, coming out on Friday, tomorrow.

The film has an absolutely terrific cast, led by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, with brilliant support coming from Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Anjelica Huston, and Philip Baker Hall.

If you’ve missed our coverage of the film so far, you can catch up on it all here, and get immensely excited about its release tomorrow.

[adult swim], best known for the likes of Robot Chicken and Harvey Birdman, have got an absolutely fantastic promo video for the film, mixing live-action clips with ones that have been animated and it makes for an excellent watch.

The video itself was actually put online about two months ago, to coincide with the American release, but the film’s UK Facebook page have just put us onto the video, now coinciding nicely with our own release of it this weekend.

Writer Will Reiser has based 50/50 on the events of his own life and his diagnosis of cancer at such a young age, and having seen it, I know precisely how brilliant it is, with a perfect blend of comedy to match the seriousness of the impact cancer has upon the characters’ lives.

If you have a free morning, afternoon, or evening over the next few weeks, I cannot recommend enough how much you should go and see this film. I think it has a brilliant appeal to a really wide audience, and I’m hoping that it will be well received here upon its release, because it deserves nothing less than a tremendously positive reception. Without further ado, here’s the terrific promo video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

[adult swim] 50/50 promo from cat solen on Vimeo.