From the challenges to their tendencies – some good, mostly not so good – Swedish drama ‘Exfrun’ (The Ex-wife) takes an honest look at the lives of three women in three different relationships.

Klara is crazy about her new boyfriend and only wants to spend time with him. Anna scrutinises her husband’s ability at helping with the kids. Their relationship seems to need more work and that becomes even more apparent at a friend’s birthday when her husband tells her to go home while he stays to sit in hot tub with another female guest. The ex-wife Vera isn’t over her ex. He, however, has a new partner and can afford to get their children toys that Vera can’t. Vera can’t help but feel like she is in competition with the other parent.

As the film progresses, the viewer sees more and more what these women experience in their day to day and what they struggle with in their relationships. The film by Katja Wik is an accurate satire about life from new love to divorce. Katja Wik balances the humour with the seriousness, as the film switches between the three women’s stories. The viewer can’t help but feel sorry for them and it’s not hard for the viewer to find someone they can relate to. Even some of the situations the women find themselves are familiar. It may not be what you feel now but it’s likely what one has felt at one point in a relationship.

The theme of power manipulation is showcased in the film and used by both parties. Mother of 2 Anna even checks on her husband and sees on how fast he can prepare the baby’s formula. An entertaining film that highlights the unpleasant traits found in relationships, what many may recognise but not all will admit to.

The film had it’s world premiere at the Göteborg Film Festival 2017.