HeyUGuys have just returned from Frightfest at London’s Leicester Square where we enjoyed the world premiere of The Descent: Part 2. What can we tell you about the sequel to Neil Marshall’s 2005 gorestravaganza?

Erm”¦nothing, we’re not allowed, but before you cross us off your Christmas card list forever we have a few titbits from the night to whet your appetite until the December 4th UK release. And we promise to share our full and frank review before the film hits screens.

Though Neil Marshall is onboard as executive producer, the director’s mantle was on this occasion passed to Jon Harris who acted as editor for the first film. Jon’s previous editorial work includes Layer Cake, Snatch and Stardust but The Descent: Part 2 is his first directorial role.

Co-star Michael J Reynolds spoke to HeyUGuys about how impressed he was with the debut director, saying his experience as an editor had given him a unique understanding of the importance of building tension. Reynolds told us that he had complete faith in Jon and jumped at the chance to return after filming wrapped and shoot a “˜twist’ to the plot that wasn’t present in the original script.

Before the screening the cast sang Jon Harris’ praises with a plea from star Shauna Macdonald that the film be given a fair chance because “Jon is as good as Neil and, just might be better”. Both the returning actresses spoke about their reluctance to return unless the material was right and Shauna in particular said she had had input into the The Descent Part 2 World Premierescript at a very early stage. Of her experience on the original, Shauna said: “I was 23 for the first movie, it was all girls together and we had the best time!” and, though she wasn’t born until 1981, she later admitted to HUG that her favourite 80’s movie is Dirty Dancing. We didn’t have the heart to tell her about the remake.

After the screening, we asked Shauna Macdonald and new cast member Anna Skellern to pose for a photo. Jon Harris was kindly lingering and we captured him signing posters for enthusiastic Frightfest fans. It being something of a tradition here at HeyUGuys we posed the “˜What’s your favourite 80’s movie?’ question. His reply: The Breakfast Club.

Jon Harris, a man of taste and discernment! Does his discerning eye translate to screen? We’ll let you know in December”¦

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Emily Breen
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