Jumping firmly on the nostalgia bandwagon Sony Pictures are finally giving us a good look at their new Earth Vs. Video Games movie, Pixels.

Site favourite Chris Columbus is directing the live action/CG animation crossbreed with Adam Sandler as a video game champion whose childhood best friend (Kevin James) has moved onto better things (namely being President).

The premise has the Prez and his old gaming buddies taking on an alien invasion spurred on by a misunderstanding of the video game craze in the 1980s. Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Michelle Monaghan and Jane Krakowski line up for support. Sounds nuts.

Today Sony are unveiling a series of character banners and we have the world exclusive on this little critter… say hello to Centipede.

Pixels Centipede Poster Exclusive HeyUGuysClick to make it big.

UPDATE – here are all of the banners…