And the heavens opened with the Gods’ rapturous tears and sullied the grey earth, awaiting masses and stone soldiers at the cusp of another worldly gate…

Sounds like a rainy mythological landscape off the shores of ancient Greece, right? But what I’m actually talking about is the transformed rainy landscape of Leicester Square in London.

Giant flames roared and the soundtrack belted out as a small army of Greek soldiers greeted guests at the foot of a very impressive red carpeted Coliseum. The event even had warriors frozen in stone littered around the makeshift set piece.

All the fuss was to celebrate the world premiere of Clash of the Titans at Leicester Square’s Empire cinema last night. The flick is directed by Louis ‘The Incredible Hulk/Transporter 2’ Leterrier and stars Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Alexa Davalos, Mads Mikkelsen and Jason Flemyng. All of whom were in attendance to usher in the latest 3D adventure to hit the silver screens.

Other notable names in the movie that didn’t manage to make the event were Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes and Peter Postlethwaite. There was even talk of Jason Statham (who doesn’t star in the film) stopping by and saying hi to the crowds. But the rain was nasty enough to make even Sam Worthington duck for cover, so no Jason Statham sighting was had.

Here are our pictures and you can read more of our interviews with the stars below.

What we had was a solid line up of stars giving their thoughts to HeyUGuys about the movie, their characters and, more interestingly, their opinions of 3D and it’s future.

‘’I think this could become the standard for action films, but 3D would probably be inappropriate for dramas. Of course, ten years from now, I could be completely wrong!,’’ said Madds Mikkelson, who plays Draco in the film.

When asked how he would feel about his upcoming film, Valhalla Rising, being converted into 3D the answer was true and clear.

‘’No. Valhalla Rising is an epic movie and not a 3D type of a film, not like Clash of the Titans,’’ said Madds.

Alexa Davalos, who plays Andromeda, resounded the sentiment. ‘’3D has its place and it’s about enhancing the experience of a visual film. But you have to keep the tone of the movie in context,’’ says a stunning, and I mean STUNNING, Alexa.

‘’Clash of the Titans is a big, smash and crash, giant movie. 3D works for this and it’s great we could make it happen in 3D,’’ Alexa says enthusiastically.

The big question then seemed to be, if Clash of the Titans was delayed so it could be retrospectively converted to 3D, why not other action films? I asked Alexa (STUNNING!) as to how she would feel about another one of her action films, Chronicles of Riddick (in which she played ‘Kyra’), being remastered in 3D.

‘’What a good idea!’’ she smiles. I thought so too.

After the last remnants of talent headed into the cinema, I bumped into none other than Gollum himself, Mr. Andy Serkis, who was taking his son to catch the film. I couldn’t resist and asked his opinion of the 3D phenomena.

‘’I think its great and it adds a lot to the experience that doesn’t necessarily detract from the acting,’’ says Andy. This is quite poetic coming from a guy who still gets well deserved kudos for making the Gollum CGI character so lifelike, even though you rarely see the real Andy Serkis.

On a passing whim I ask if there are any plans to juice up the Lord of the Rings trilogy in the same 3D style.

‘’Actually, I think they are already doing it,’’ grins Andy.

Remember guys, you heard it here first!

Clash of the Titans is released nationwide in 2D and 3D (in available cinemas) on April 2nd.