I’m currently in the United States for a holiday but it seems that the world of movies can’t escape me no matter where I go (not that I’m complaining as I LOVE it!)!

Today, whilst on a walk to Central Park in New York, my wife and I were accosted and asked by a lady in a green badge if we wanted to be extras in a new movie. The green badge said ‘Get Him to the Greek’. As you may have seen yesterday, Jon posted a couple of images that I took of Russell Brand making the movie, today I took it to the next level and may actually appear in it!

Check out the footage below..

Get Him to the Greek stars Russell Brand, Jonah Hill and also includes lot of A-List musicians including Pink, Christina Aguilera, Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs and Katy Perry. Fortunately, the scene in question required the extras to be in Rockefeller Plaza for the ‘Today Show’ so cameras were not only allowed but encouraged!