After we posted our video footage of the Captain America set the other day, we were e-mailed by an extra who was on set during the filming at Bourne Woods, with some information with some context for what we saw.

I was recently an extra on the set of a film called ‘Frostbite’, and after seeing the video you put up the other day, thought you might be interested in what I saw.

The first day we were on set we were filming a scene set in Nazi occupied Italy, where a group of POWs are marched back into camp by Captain America, and a few other guys. One of the guys was played by Neal McDonough, from Desperate Housewives, and there were a couple more. One Japanese guy and one other. Everyone was in normal military uniform, and Chris Evans was wearing military trousers, and a leather jacket, with the Captain America top underneath.

The whole day we filmed different views of the troops marching in. As we were marching, we walked past tanks and trucks with a logo with a skull and octopus legs on it.

At the end of the day, we shot a scene where we all crowded around Chris Evans. Hayley Atwell, in a nurse’s outfit came over and spoke very quietly to him. I asked, but no one heard what she said. After that, Tommy Lee Jones came over, said ‘Faith, huh!’ and walked off.

The second day we filmed the USO show, around the stage in your video. It was pretty boring, but we did get to see Chris Evans in the Captain America costume.

They’ve gone for a 1940s style, with a padded top, little blue shorts, blue leggings and red boots.

Given what we already know about the film it seems that these scenes were from early on in the film, the second before Cap does a runner from the USO show, and the first when he returns home victorious.

Hayley Atwell is playing Peggy Carter, who Wikipedia describes as Captain America’s wartime love interest. It seems that Johnston is deviating from continuity with the character, as she was originally a French resistance fighter, rather than a nurse.

As for the soldiers, we know McDonough is playing Dum Dum Duggan, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the othersare actual Marvel characters, rather than new ones created for the film. While I have no idea who the Japanese guy is, my guess would be that the other soldier is Bucky. Anyone with a better knowledge of early Captain America comics care to take a stab at the identity of his Japanese friend?