It’s not just on the big screen where Marvel are working their magic, as has been proven with the eagerly anticipated return of Luke Cage, which launches on Netflix on June 22nd.

To mark the occasion we had the pleasure of sitting down with the show’s latest new star Mustafa Shakir, who will play the villain Bushmaster. He told us all about this character, and what fans can expect of the part, and just how essential it was to add a touch of charm into an otherwise villainous antagonist.

Shakir also explains why it’s so fun to play a villain, and what it means for him to get involved in the Luke Cage franchise as a Harlem native (where the story is set). He also tells us what it’s like joining a series when there’s already been a season beforehand, and on the socio-political undercurrent of this new series, and how we delve into themes of prejudice, utilising the fantasy genre to reflect the real world back to us.

Finally he goes on to commend Netflix for their inclination to support progressive storytellers, and he talks briefly about his collaborations with James Franco, and whether he too harbours ambitions to direct himself one day.

Watch the full interview below:

Luke Cage season 2 launches on Netflix 22nd June