We’re still going on about the fact that one of the greatest movies of all time has made it’s way on Blu-ray (sorry!) and today have a rather fantastic featurette which looks at the history of the famous Quint monologue which actor Robert Shaw delivers on-board The Orca during the night that the three men await the return of Bruce the shark to pop up with the two barrels he has attached to him (or is it one at that point?!).

Quint is probably my favourite character in Jaws because he’s so mysterious and seemingly mad. It’s only when this monologue is delivered that the back-story of the life he’s had really starts to become clear. In this featurette, we get to hear from Director Steven Spielberg and the late, great actor Roy Schneider who plays Chief Brodie in the movie discuss the monologue, where it came from and how it went from 8-page piece of writing into what we know and love from Jaws. It may surprise you to know that it was largely down to Robert Shaw himself who made it into the moving and telling story that it has now become.

Jaws is out on Blu-ray now and you can order your copy here.