Last week, I had the ridiculously awesome and privileged opportunity to visit the set of  the UK’s newest attraction, Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour London at Leavesden Studios. Since filming of the eighth and final Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 finished, Leavesden Studios underwent a massive makeover, was levelled and is currently in the process of being rebuilt to house many of the actual sets that you will have seen in the Harry Potter movies. From March 31st, you’ll be able to go to the studios and see these sets for yourself.

I got to go there a little early and see two of the sets which have been rebuilt; Dumbledore’s Office and The Great Hall. Both were absolutely magnificent and will blow the mind of any Harry Potter fan! In fact,even if you’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie, visiting the studio is going to be a real treat. When you see the sets on film, they do look amazing but it’s not until you’re able to touch them and see the attention to detail that has gone into making these elaborate and astonishing sets. While we were there, a man came past us carrying one of the york stones that was used to create The Great Hall. Apparently it was insisted on that the floor would be made of this durable material knowing that so many years would go by with so many people walking on it. Like I said, the attention to detail is simply amazing.

While I was there, some friendly faces from the Harry Potter movies turned up in the form of Tom Felton, Natalia Tena, Warwick Davis, Julie Walters, Mark Williams, Oliver and James Phelps and Bonnie Wright. I’ve decided to split the interview into two parts. Today you’ll see the interview with Tom, Warwick and Natalia and tomorrow the remaining cast mentioned above. I got to chat with them all about what it was like for them to come back to the studio, what people can expect when they come here in 2012 and some of the memories that they have from filming in the most successful franchise of all time. I hope you enjoy these videos and keep your eyes peeled for all the extra footage in them of the sets themselves which shows the cast seeing them for the first time and their initial reactions.

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As you watch this video, hundreds of people are still working at Leavesden to create this magical attraction for you. There is no end date to the attraction so don’t worry if you don’t get tickets for quite a while. They’ll be having 5000 people go through the studio every day with tours leaving every hour. For more information and to book tickets, head over to the official WB Studio Harry Potter Tour London website here. Please remember though that you can’t just turn up at the studio, you must have booked tickets before you arrive.