Zach Galligan might not be a name that you immediately recognise but if I tell you that he played a character Billy and that he had a sidekick (in a way) called Gizmo, you might get closer to the man that we interviewed about his new movie, CUT. Zach Galligan was the lead in Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch and today, he lands in the UK to promote his new movie, CUT which is directed by Alexander Williams. Cut is different to any other movie you’ll have seen as the entire movie is done in one long, continuous take. We’ve seen the movie and our review will be online here nearer the DVDs release date on 22nd February. You can pre-order the DVD here.

In this interview, we find out what Zach’s been up to since his days working alongside one of the most famous creatures of the 80s, what it was like working on CUT and what he’s up to next.

HeyUGuys: How did you end up getting involved in CUT?

Zach: The director sent me a copy of the script and arranged a meeting in May of 2007 when I was in the UK. I met him and found him to be a solid bloke. He followed up in Dec of 2008 when he had secured financing, and a deal was made for March of 2009. Pretty simple, really.

HeyUGuys: On paper CUT looks like a logistical nightmare, did you have any trepidation when you took the part or were you invigorated by the challenge?

Zach: Sure. Any actor that wouldn’t be nervous about a project like Cut is either overconfident or inexperienced. The whole “one take” thing seemed almost impossible: in fact, flying over, I was pretty much sold on the notion that we wouldn’t get it. Once rehearsals started, however, I think everyone started to feel like it could wind up being something really special and extraordinary

HeyUGuys: How many takes were required to get the finished product?

Zach: Not certain, I think six or seven stabs at it (pun intended) were necessary.

HeyUGuys: Doing a film in a continuous take must have put a strain on the actors and crew – was it an enjoyable shoot?

Zach:Very much so. The night we got our first take was once of the most exhilarating moments of my life and career.
The feeling of accomplishment was truly remarkable.

HeyUGuys: As Psycho is an established horror classic and has the iconic shower scene which uses the rhythm of the editing to great effect – how does removing the editing process from a horror film affect the outcome?

Zach:Haven’t seen it yet, so I can’t comment…but I would imagine it could conceivably heighten the tension because
the viewer could feel like it’s actually happening in real time which, of course, it is.

HeyUGuys: Have you worked in Britain much before, and what are your impressions of the industry here?

Zach:Had never worked in the UK before, but have always been an Anglophile. Thought the industry was great and the general level of competence slightly higher than that of a US indie production. To be honest, I’d kill to do a TV series
in the UK for a year or two.

HeyUGuys: What’s next for you?

Zach: The Ten Year Itch. You can ask Mr. Williams about that one. My lips are sealed.

HeyUGuys: Given that the trend is now for studios to plunder their 80s films for sequels and remakes, have you been approached and how would you feel about a third Gremlins film?

Haven’t been approached yet, but would be open to a third one if the script was good. It all starts with the writing for me.

HeyUGuys: Do you still get stopped in the street with people recognizing you from Gremlins?

About 2 or 3 times a week, yes.

HeyUGuys: Other than Gremlins, what’s your favourite 80’s movie?

Purple Rain and Beverly Hills Cop are pretty solid. Tron is cool, too.