Last night, Ben and I braved the cold and the rain to be out on the red carpet for the European Premiere of Kick-Ass. We also got to chat with all the cast which includes Kick-Ass himself, Aaron Johnson, who was joined by Hit-Girl Chloe Moretz and, completing the crime fighting trio, Christopher Mintz-Plasse were all on great form and were joined by Mark Strong who charmed the crowds and took the time to answer our questions which you can see here.

Mika’s role was somewhat different so I decided to put him in his own category and he even gets his own video! Mika has done the title song for the movie which is funnily enough is called ‘Kick-Ass’! The video is awesome and mirror’s Kick-Ass’s fight against crime using clips from the movie and even paying reference to the graphic novel by Mark Millar. Check it out below and then scroll down to view our exclusive interview with the man himself.

Thanks to Blogomatic3000 for the heads up on the music video.