The Cabin in the Woods is one of films of the year, and I feel confident stating that only three months into 2012. The long awaited horror comedy is a wonderful take on the dead and oft-flogged horror genre and with Cloverfield’s Drew Goddard leading us through the deep, dark woods there’s a lot of promise here, particularly when this trip is being overseen by Joss Whedon.

My review is up on the site here, it’s spoiler-free and there’s an excellent reason for that. The premise of the film is simple, the journey it takes you on is not. The less you know about this film going into it the better.

All this week we have exclusive interviews with the cast and crew and today we start with the puppet masters. These were recorded at SXSW when the film premiered to rapt audiences and similar scenes are expected this week when the film finally hits the UK on, appropriately, Friday the 13th.

I have to be clear, there are a few choice spoilers here – nothing drastic, just a few allusions to some of the ideas in play. It’s not a whole lot more than the trailers hinted at and Whedon and Goddard are quite right to vague it up for us as and when they need to.

Here’s the video,

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