Last week I was very excited to meet Director Asif Kapadia for his new movie, Senna. I’d seen the movie a couple of months earlier at SXSW and had lovedĀ  everything about it and was eager to talk to the man in charge of making it happen. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Formula One fan or not, this movie will have you laughing and crying throughout as it takes you on the roller-coaster journey that was Ayrton Senna’s life.

During the interview, Asif talks about how he came to make the movie, how they acquired the never before seen footage and how making the movie brought him closer to knowing the man himself.

I reviewed the movie after SXSW here and if there is one movie you seen this year, make sure it’s Senna!

Senna is released this Friday, 3rd June.

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