Bruce Robinson - The Rum Diary JunketYesterday I put up our interview with Amber Heard for The Rum Diary and today we get to chat with the with captain of the ship, Director Bruce Robinson about his new movie, The Rum Diary. The film stars Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Giovanni Ribisi, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Rispoli Richard Jenkins and is based on the book by Hunter S. Thompson.

Robinson is best known for his movie, Withnail & I that he both wrote and directed and has become part of Britishness. In the interview, we not only talk about that but about how both he and Johnny remembered Hunter on set, the first and only time that he met Hunter, the challenges of transitioning a novel into a movie and finally, what you should do if you want to get into screen-writing.

The Rum Diary is released in UK cinemas today. Check out the interview below. I hope you enjoy!