Rocky Sylvester Stallone

The Rocky: Heavyweight Blu-ray Collection hits 10th February and to mark the occasion, we got to sit down with acting legend Sylvester Stallone to discuss the franchise which spawned into 6 movies for the action hero.

He talks about the legacy which Rocky has left behind and what we can expect in this remastered version of his films.

Rocky Heavyweight Collection and Rocky Blu-ray Limited Edition Steelbook is out on 10 February from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Click here to order your copy.


Rocky Sylvester Stallone

It is challenging to sustain the power of a global brand for such a long period. What makes MGM’s 90th anniversary a great reason to celebrate?

Sylvester Stallone: The reason is that in this business, which is constantly morphing through every generation, that this one has been able to go 90 years, four Generations, and still has its A-Game in place.  It continues to crank out films in this economically tough environment.  It’s always something clever and you keep the bonds going at such an amazing rate and upping the quality of the films, it is something to be commended.

One of the MGM hallmarks will forever remain ROCKY. What made its initial release such a defining moment for you as an artist – and for the studio?

SS: Well the defining moment, from end to end, doing Rocky with an unknown at that time, when you had 25 Celebrities lined up to do it, and to take a leap of faith with as I said, an unknown, and have the film end up winning the Oscar that year.  That’s the kind of spirit that you don’t find anymore.  That is a real gamble.  That is what you call flying by the seat of your pants or the old gut instinct which MGM had in spades.

The DNA of ROCKY can be found in many films today. And, its upcoming re-release in the 4K format means a new generation will get their chance to experience the film in an exciting new way. What makes Rocky such an enduring role model for every generation? Does he continue to inspire you today?

Rocky Sylvester StalloneOh I love this role because this is the one where you get to speak about everybody, the every day common person’s loves, disappointments, fears, and aspirations.  And without looking like your grand standing so when you lose that voice, it’s a tough one to replace.

Representing a true independent spirit, John G. Avildsen’s special featurette on the new edition of ROCKY gives audiences the ultimate insider’s view into making a classic. What kept you all so motivated during principal photography?

I was just born to play this Character.  I love it.  And I miss it very, very much, and it’s just one of those moments where I couldn’t wait to get to work and face the challenge.  There were no special effects.  It’s just getting there and winging it, trying to just conjure up the emotions.  John Avildsen did an amazing job in the first one in just really honing that with no money.  It was done in 25 days, with $875,000, and an unknown.  That’s a long shot.

Given the pressure today to create a mainstream hit, could the original ROCKY still be made today?

SS: We debate this all the time.  Could Rocky be made today?  I believe that with the right actor, if you made Rocky today, it very well could work because it’s a universal story that’s timeless and people don’t change.  Their clothes do but we don’t.


Here’s a fabulous gallery featuring many remastered photos which are well worth a look, you can click them to enlarge.


Rocky Heavyweight Collection and Rocky Blu-ray Limited Edition Steelbook is out on 10 February from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Click here to order your copy.