Last week, I got to have a good old chat with Writer, Producer and star of Universal Pictures’ latest movie Noel Clarke. Clarke stars in new sci-fi horror movie Storage 24 which is directed by Johannes Roberts. I also got to chat with Roberts and you can keep your eyes peeled for that one tomorrow.

During the interview with Noel, we got to chat about his love of Sci-fi movies and where this idea first came from. We discuss the fact that a storage facility has never been used in a movie like this before. I also find out how much involvement he had in the casting of the movie, what it was like working with a 7 foot-tall alien walking around and finally, try and get some Star Trek 2 information out of him. He didn’t budge unfortunately but it was great to hear how it was for him being on the set of the latest uber-secretive J.J. Abrams’ movie.

Storage 24 is released this Friday 29th June.

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