Final Destination 5 is yet another in a series of films known to be somewhat predictable. Lead star sees foreboding vision of the gruesome death of the ensemble cast and helps them escape. Death gets pissed and the kids die in completely unrealistic ways. End of movie.

So while I knew what to expect when seeing the film, nothing could prepare me for the wildly outlandish (and hilarious!) behaviour of stars PJ Byrne, Arlen Escarpeta & Courtney B. Vance. As soon as I stepped into the press room I knew I was in for a crazy interview. I honestly don’t know how I was even able to get any questions across since all three of them were so rambunctious. Even still, it was a great interview and the guys even decided to serenade me at the end of our time together. Check out this great clip and find out PJ Byrne’s thoughts on Vanilla Ice Cream?

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