Benjamin Walker was not a name I was familiar with until he grabbed the title role in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. A quick web search turned up that not only has a previously played a president, (Andrew Jackson on Stage) but he also has had roles in several films I very much enjoy including Flags of our Fathers and Kinsey. Sitting next to him during this interview is someone whose career I have a lot of respect for. Anthony Mackie is that guy that always makes a film better. I get excited when he’s cast in something. He’s so freaking talented and I always look at his career as something I’d like if I was an actor.

Mackie plays William Johnson. In real like Johnson was very close to Lincolnand worked for him as they became very close friends.  Mackie and Walker bring really nice humanity to their roles and you do feel like that they have a long history together that would even do well in a straight biopic.

During my interview we talk about some of the surprises they found while doing research on their real life counterparts and what some of the physical aspect of being vampire hunter entail.

Here is my interview with Benjamin Walker and Anthony Mackie. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is in cinemas today!

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