There is a lot happening in British independent film at the moment, with Gerard Johnson’s Tony making waves and Steve Lawson’s Dead Cert looking good for this year. A chorus of new voices are being heard, and their passion and talent is evident with every new release.

Here at HeyUGuys we are always looking to bring you news of these and other British movies and we’ve got something really rather special for you today.

We were lucky enough to visit the set of The Last Seven, the new film from Imran Naqvi and Simon Phillips, a thriller about, coincidentally enough, the last seven people on Earth, and we’ll bring you footage and pics from the visit in a later post.

The teaser trailer for the film, which stars Simon Phillips, Tamer Hassan, Sebastian Street, Rita Ramnani and Danny Dyer, is out now and does a great job of setting the scene for the film, building a believable and engaging world is crucial and the eerie apocalyptic tone is conjured up extremely well here.

You can keep track of further developments from The Last Seven on the official website here.

While on set we caught up with the ubiquitous Danny Dyer to talk about the film, his role and the state of British Independent film. The clip is below, followed by the trailer, and contains a few choice words you may not want to play out loud if you’re at work…

The Trailer for The Last Seven.