I spent the better part of this afternoon walking around the 20th Century Fox lot preparing for the studio to show a few bloggers some new footage from their upcoming found-footage film “Chronicle” We shared the newest 60-second trailer with you yesterday but after today we have been given an exclusive clip to share with all of our wonderful readers.

“Chronicle” tells the story of three male teenagers as they discover they have telekinetic powers.  A full write-up of the Chronicle event is on its way but for now I thought I’d just share this quick glimpse and what you’ll get to see when the movie is released next month.  I have to say that the footage we were shown looks incredibly promising and this clip goes right along with that.  The film is anchored in reality and really feels like it’s showing a world that could exist had a group of teenage boys found out they had powers.  I don’t think most people would immediately start running around saving people but might end up putting clips like this on YouTube.  I feel like this film could really add some spice to both the found-footage and superhero sub-genres.  Take a look and let us know what you think.