Here’s something a little special from a film we’ve featured a lot on HeyUGuys.

To mark the Blu-ray and DVD release of The Drummond Will on the August 8th we’ve got an exclusive clip from the film and a Q&A with three of The Drummond Will creative team.

Producer Tobias Tobbell, co-writer/director Alan Butterworth and writer Sam Forster sat down to talk about the inspiration behind The Drummond Will, the challenges of bringing the film to the big screen and what the team have planned next.

If you’ve not seen the film, or are keen for a short, sharp synopsis to tickle your fancy then look no further,

Howard Drummond has passed away. On checking out his decrepit estate, his sons, Marcus and Danny find one of their dad’s ancient friends hiding in a closet with a bag full of money.

Whilst they decide what to do, the pensioner is left to suffocate to death in the closet, thus leaving them with a much bigger problem to deal with; tell the police, or take the body and leave it in his own home and pretend nothing has happened (keeping the money for themselves in the process, of course!)?

This opens their world up to a series of bizarre incidents resulting in the village’s quirky population gently decreasing during their short stay. The brothers soon realise they’ll need to rely on each other if they are to survive and it quickly becomes clear that inevitably, nothing is what it seems…”

Here’s the exclusive clip, and hey – why not try your luck at winning a copy of the film on DVD? You can do that right here.

And here’s the Q&A,

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