Even the most staunch of DC fans would have to concede that Marvel have been leading the way in the genre of late, establishing a tone that has entertained audiences worldwide for a number of years. But after Wonder Woman, it gave hope that DC were set to compete yet again, and now Aquaman is further proof that films from this particular universe have a place in a contemporary cinematic landscape.

It was our pleasure to sit down and interview Aquaman director James Wan, as well as stars Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson, to discuss this hugely enjoyable blockbuster. Firstly Heard tells us what it was that attracted her to the role of Mera, and why she’s so much more than a mere ‘damsel in distress’ – as we move into a discussion about the progression made of late in female superheroes, also including the likes of Captain Marvel and The Wasp.

Wan speaks about establishing the films tone, ensuring it remained playful and yet didn’t compromise on the stakes, while he also bigs up his friend and frequent collaborator Patrick Wilson, who is on hand to play the film’s primary antagonist in King Orm. Wilson tells us what it was about the role that appealed to him, and the cathartic nature of playing a villain. Finally, we ask Wan about how Julie Andrews came to be involved in the movie (I know!) and whether he can see himself remaining with this franchise in years to come.

Watch the full interviews below:


Aquaman finds himself caught between a surface world that ravages the sea and the underwater Atlanteans who are ready to revolt.
Aquaman is released on December 12th