Rosie lives in a lovely garden with Raggles the rabbit, Bluebird (the blue bird), Big Bear, cheeky Will, shy Holly and Oakley, the old oak tree. They enjoy adventures, get scared by strange noises, play pranks and solve problems and everyone always winds up happy.


Everything’s Rosie is the latest hit with the tots to come out of CBeebies, the BBC channel for the very young. If you’re not familiar with it, this show is unlikely to be of any great appeal to you and if you are, then your kids are likely already devoted fans. Although this is a show impossible to review or critique by any of the usual criteria, that does not  make it bad by any means, just harmless and aimed at the very little.

Everything’s Rosie is presented in the form of CG animation (predictably) and although it is clearly cheap by (unfair) comparison to the standards of Pixar and Dreamworks, it is nonetheless charming and enjoyable for its target audience. Rosie and Co. do not get up to very much – scooter races, searching for the source of a mysterious echo, watering Oakley, playing harmless pranks, enjoying picnics – and it always ends with a safe moral and a happy conclusion, but that is what the under-fives want and need. Once you venture into CBBC territory (Horrible Histories, Tracy Beaker, Sorry I’ve Got No Head), you can introduce slightly more grown up themes and a bit more sophistication, but it is neither necessary nor appropriate here.

The DVD comprises 13 episodes:-

  • Things That Go Glug in the Night
  • Raggles and the Reporter
  • The Mystery of the Four Feathers
  • The Call of the Wild
  • How to Catch an Echo
  • How to Teach a Bear to Meet the Queen
  • The Curious Story of Holly and the Four Bears
  • How Will Got His Wings
  • Little Bear
  • How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles
  • The Slowest Race That Ever There Was
  • Skipping Bears, Talking Trees and Knitted Nests

Each is around 10 minutes long and my five year old sat and watched the lot in one go without fidgeting, so they must be doing something right. He likes Will the best “because he is funny and cheeky”. You can get this series on DVD from 6th February 2012, or enter our competition here and win one!

If you’re my son’s age [Rating:5/5]

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