The Raindance Film Festival is a key event on the festival circuit, and its 27th year continues their quest to bring the best of independent cinema to the capital. The features, documentaries, shorts and other creative content on show during the festival aims to find and champion strong visions and clear voices. It’s an essential companion to next month’s London Film Festival, and the films it celebrates are always worth watching.

This week saw the premiere of Everybody Files, a documentary from former airline captain Tristan Loraine which seeks to answer the question: Is the air we breathe on a plane safe? Loraine’s four-year journey to make the film involved him attending the NFTS and forming his own production company. His passion for the subject has earned him many accolades, and this new film will introduce the question to a whole new audience.

He and co-director Beth Moran attended the film’s premiere this week in London, to promote the film as much as to continue the awareness campaign the issue sorely needs.

Everybody Flies Raindance Premiere (7)The Raindance Festival Director Elliot Grove has spoken on the importance of the film, with Raindance Film Festival’s Head of Programming, Suzanne Ballantyne commenting,

“We chose this documentary because it affects an incredible number of people constantly flying everywhere. Taking planes is part of our lifestyle and thinking that the air we breathe in planes could be poisonous is very scary.”

As the film details it is not just airline passengers who may suffer the effects. There are also pending legal cases from cabin crew who are said to be suffering from what is known as ‘aerotoxic syndrome’.

Here’s a trailer for the film to give you an idea of what’s at play here.

Everybody Flies – Film Trailer from Fact Not Fiction Films on Vimeo.

As with many of the Raindance premieres there is a deep passion for cinema and issues which affect us all. Everybody Flies is a perfect example of the type of film that needs as wide an audience as possible.

You can find out more about the film right here, follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are images from the premiere.

Courtesy of Roger Alarcon / Raindance
Courtesy of Roger Alarcon / Raindance
Courtesy of Roger Alarcon / Raindance
Everybody Flies Raindance Premiere (7)
Courtesy of Charlotte Lake
Courtesy of Charlotte Lake