Sorry for my objectionable sounding title, but in July, Sony is releasing yet another new PSP color, Ice White of the budget variety (E-1000 model).  There is only a mono speaker and they have 86’d the WiFi capabilities.  The system will be priced at either £89.99 or €99.99.

This latest model is also being positioned with the PSP Essential titles.  These budget titles will be available for £9.99 or €9.99.

With the Vita underperforming globally I can see why Sony wants to get something into the consumer’s hands, but this is sending quite the mixed message to potential Vita buyers.  “What system is Sony really supporting and if they are pushing the PSP this aggressively, maybe I should just go with that” is what I personally would be thinking.  I remain faithful for the Vita and wish it success, but with Sony making moves like this it makes me question their faith in the device.

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