Escape From Madness is a British psychological thriller set against the background of some of the darkest events of the Second World War and in particular events surrounding Himmler, Hitler’s right-hand man, as director Peter J Everett explains:
“Himmler believed that the war could be won by using occultism and black magic.”

Rather than taking an Indiana Jones-style approach to Nazi occultism Escape From Madness, the film’s working title, treads a different path:
“Inspired by true events, this shocking film tells the story of Elsa, a girl plagued by nightmares and who is in denial. Employed as Nanny to the Medical Superintendent’s three children, Elsa finds herself fighting, not only for her own life, but for those of her charges. Following a series of rows with the Superintendent’s wife, Elsa is herself committed to the institution.

Along with her fellow inmates, Elsa’s thoughts turn to escape and a way back home to her loving father. What she doesn’t realise, is that the institute is a Nazi stronghold where most were doomed. Will Elsa survive Hitler’s Final Solution, and will she succeed in her fight for freedom?”

They’ve released a pre-production promo featuring director Peter Everett, actors Charles Delaney, Tayla Goodman and Aret Kapetanovic plus costume designer Jehan Couture.

 Escape From Madness is due to be filmed later this year and be released in early-mid 2012