A future where emotions have been eradicated? It would certainly make Twitter a more agreeable place but there’s not a lot to look forward to if Drake Doremus’ bleak vision of the future comes to pass.

Equals is the director’s latest film, and after the turbulent Like Crazy Doremus is turning again to love, this time in a cold climate. The film stars Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult and played at Venice last year, and has taken its time coming to the big screen. This new trailer reminds us that the wait is almost over.


Equals also stars Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver so that’ll make fore an entertaining watch. The film is playing at Tribeca today before a US release date of the 15th of July this year. The film will be released digitally on the 19th of September and on VOD & DVD on the 3rd of October. We saw the film at Venice last year and you can read our review here.

Here’s your trailer.