Supergirl swoops into the UK on Thursday at 8pm on Sky 1, but the show actually premiered in the US last night. As a result, CBS (the American network responsible for the DC Comics series) has released a brand new trailer which looks ahead at what’s to come in season one.

Don’t worry though, the video below doesn’t contain any spoilers for the pilot; it simply teases what will be happening in upcoming episodes of Supergirl, offering a first look at the villains Kara is set to face off against, including fan-favourite comic character Red Tornado.

One thing it’s important to note here is just how good the show looks. Like The Flash, the special effects are way better than they should be for a TV series, while Melissa Benoist is extremely likeable as Supergirl, something which is very important for a show like this (as we’ve learned from watching Grant Gustin as The Flash and Stephen Amell as Green Arrow).

The Supergirl pilot actually leaked online back in May, and the response then was overwhelmingly positive. Reviews of last night’s episode – now it’s officially out there – have been the same, and it’s looking like this is another small screen superhero hit for DC Comics.

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