Rec-4-LogoFollowers of the found footage genre may have been disappointed to find that Paco Plaza’s solo outing, REC 3 GENESIS, dropped the form just after all hell broke loose at a wedding. It was a smart move. It seemed to free up the director to tell a far more cinematic story and in doing so expanded the mythology which has proven a very solid foundation for the series.

Splitting up the final two films in the series with his co-director on the first two REC films (Plaza took the prequel, REC 4’s director Jaume Balaguerno takes the final chapter)  was another shrewd move and today we’ve got our first look at what fresh hell we have in store as the REC series lurches, bloody-mouthed, to a twitching halt.

We see a familiar face as Ángela Vidal  (Manuela Velascoa) is taken aboard a ship to be examined. You can guess what happens next. I can’t wait to see how the religious themes play out in this series – Halloween 2014 is the Spanish date of release, let’s hope a UK date isn’t too far off.