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As James Nesbitt, the host of this year’s Empire Awards, said this evening: ‘We don’t need Oscars – they’re just for phonies and scamps.’ That’s the sort of sentiment going around a particular corner of the capital tonight as the magazine hosts its awards ceremony in its 25th year of existence.

As you’d expect there was a grand turnout this evening at The Grovsner as the great and the good waltzed up red carpets to look glamorous and uncertain as to where the entrance is. Watlzing tonight were Messrs. Cruise and Schwarzenegger, Margot Robbie and Hayley Attwell as well as many of our favourites.

Amon Warmann and Andrew Jones were our eyes, ears and question-asking voices on the red carpet, let’s see them at work shall we?

 Tom Cruise

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sophie Turner

Will Poulter

Dexter Fletcher

Adam Brown

Aiden Turner

Celie Imrie

Felicity Montagu

George McKay

Joe Thomas

Richard Armitage