The wonder La La Land has just been released in UK cinemas, and the festival darling has already won its share of 2017’s awards with more surely to come. One of the main reasons of the success of the film is the excellent cast director Damien Chazelle has assembled for his love letter to cinema. Emma Stone has had a fine career of late, with some very interesting choices in her future. Her chemistry with her La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling is essential to the power of the film, and in this interview she opens up about her journey to that magical destination.

Hayley Donaghy sat down with the actress recently to talk about her early days as an actress, her influences and who inspired her to be an actor. Stone also talks about who she looks up to in comedy, a skill for which she has an undeniable talent and for which she has sometimes been overlooked. She is also candid about the journey through Hollywood, and how she got herself through rejection after rejection in auditions.

La La Land Emma StoneIf you’re keen to know more about the film before you see it (and you really, really should go and see it) then you can read our thoughts on the film here. We also spoke to the director Damien Chazelle about his long journey to getting the film made, as well as the new Neil Armstrong film he is making with La La Land’s Ryan Gosling.

We have another interview with Gosling up on the site here, and the film is currently out in UK cinemas with John Legend, Rosemarie Dewitt, Finn Wittrock, Sonoyo Mizuno, Josh Pence and J.K. Simmons co-staring with Stone and Gosling.

Here’s the interview.

Emma Stone La La Land Interview


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