Eli Roth continues to shy away from the megaphone and instead offer his services as a producer and support for new filmmakers.

Deadline has the Hostel filmmaker down for two horror projects (Clown and Aftershock) in which he’ll serve in the position mentioned above.

With Clown, Roth has laid out the potential he sees in the material:

People are hungry for the next Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, and while that has to be earned, we think this cursed clown suit can do it. I am giving us permission to go as hard at this as possible. I know I said I was moving away from horror, but old habits die hard.

Roth has been busy of late. Having helped steer The Last Exorcism towards solid box office (a $40 million gross in the US on a budget of $2 mil), he’s also producing Man With The Iron Fists (which he wrote with director RZA) and a remake of Toby Hooper’s 80’s slasher Funhouse.

It can’t hurt taking on a creative mentoring role in all these different productions, and I’m sure it’s an equally valid learning experience for him too, as he prepares to take on a his next intended directorial venture (a big-budget sci-fi epic called Endangered Species).