The Trailer for Eega has just hit the net and frankly it’s one of the most bonkers things I’ve seen in a while.

SS Rajamouli directs Nani, Samantha and Sudeep in what seems to be a revenge-reincarnation movie… so mixing Ghost with …The Fly?

Usually I stay away from covering South Indian movies as I feel I just don’t have the cultural context to understand them. Most of the faces are unknown to me (had to IMDB the ones in the trailer too), the production values are very low compared to Bollywood movies and disagree with a lot of the tropes used in popular movies aimed at the masses. (see our review of Khaaka Khaaka over at Upodcast)

There are some names that stand out and SS Rajamouli is definitely one of those names, after directing the awesome Maghadeera (of which a Hindi version remake is the pipeline) and the original South Indian version of Rowdy Rathore (of which we just posted a trailer).  The trailer has been creating quite a buzz since it’s been released and if things keep going the way they are, they might just end up becoming another viral South Indian hit like the Helicopter Ending of Maghadeera (which was featured on The Soup with Joel Mchale- Youtube it), RajneeKanth’s Robot finale (the man who needs to introduction) or Kolaveri Di which reached millions of views on Youtube in a matter of hours.

Eega is set for a summer release and you can find more info on the movie’s website: EegaMovie