News in from the restructured franchise that is The Bourne Legacy (so wait, it doesn’t feature Bourne yet his name is still prominent in the title?) reveals Edward Norton is in talks for the villain role.

Variety is reporting that the Fight Club actor may face off against the already-cast Jeremy Renner, who is playing another deadly assassin from the program where Bourne was schooled (surely the film should be called The Treadstone Legacy?) in a film by one of the screenwriters of the previous trilogy, Tony Gilroy (who has penned this one too).

Rachel Weisz is also onboard, which represents a departure from the other entries in the series as they relied on an ensemble of solid character actors as opposed to big stars. Maybe Universal are a little concerned that Renner is not quite a household name as yet, therefore, adding the likes of Norton and Weisz may help build awareness, although the (arguably misleading) title alone will probably take care of that.