The week is almost over, and I am dangerously close to losing track!

Day 4 brings us to Saturday, aka Toy Story 3 day! The UK press were all lined up for 9am to see the first and only press screening of the festival while delegates, staff, and non-UK press pouted and grumbled.

Not me, though! I had a busy morning and big plans for later on.

At about 1pm, I sat down to watch The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer. Directed by one of Britain’s great directors, Kevin Billington, it was screened as part of the After the Wave retrospective. Billington was in attendance, and said a few words to introduce the film. It’s an uproarious satire based on the life of one Michael Rimmer, a pollster who rises in the ranks and through the British political system.

Starring Peter Cook and penned by the some of the Monty Python crew, it also features John Cleese in a minor role and a cameo appearance from Ronnie Colbert. Despite having been produced in 1970, its political satire is still relevant. It’s almost disturbing in its accuracy, yet subtle, confident and absolutely hilarious. Kevin Billington returned to the stage after the screening for a Q&A session, but unfortunately I had to dash off…

After Michael Rimmer, I made my way over to the Delegate Centre to meet chic French director Celine Danhier. Blank City is her first film, a New York documentary that reflects upon the underground movements of the late-1970s and the birth of ’80s cool. She describes the film as a flashback to the era that created movements like No Wave and Cinema of Transgression, as well as now-famous filmmakers and artists like Steve Buscemi, Jim Jarmusch, Debbie Harry, and John Waters. A full piece on the interview will go live on my blog.

Finally, finally, it was time to sit down to watch Toy Story 3! I will keep my big trap shut – suffice to say that it was amazing, I loved it, and I may or may not have cried a teensy wee bit! It’s an absolutely delightful film that I’m certain will not disappoint.

After all that, I attended a party at the Traverse Theatre for SoulBoy, caught up with a few friends, and danced to some Northern Soul. A lovely ending to an excellent day!

Tomorrow is Day 5, featuring HIGH School, Peepli Live, and an interview with Pixar…

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