If one day at Capcom wasn’t good enough, two definitely hit the spot.  On my second outing to Capcom’s E3 booth I was privy to some exclusive DmC goodness that I guess I could share with all of you.

The level Capcom demoed for us was called The Devil’s Dalliance.  In this level Dante is tasked with infiltrating a popular nightclub that is run by a head demon Lilith.  She lures in rich kids and other affluent folk with the hopes of turning them into connections for the “demon” network and well, Dante wants to end this.

Dante’s entrance was less than graceful and quickly upon entering his presence is discovered by Lilith and that is when shit hits the fan.  Seeing how Lilith is the head demon she has the ability to manipulate the environment as she sees fit.  So naturally she manipulates the dance floor into a battleground for Dante to test his combat skills.  Dante deals with a few waves of enemies, and then is deemed worthy by Lilith to partake in a twisted game show called “The Devil Has Talent”.  The game world becomes very bizarre from this point in the demo and is something I can almost guarantee DmC fans will not see coming.  The world has strong electronic/hip vibes and almost resembles the game world of Tron or even Rez.  It’s a crazy trip with some synaesthetic scenery, but let’s continue.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHdk36PNuVw&list=UUW7h-1mymnJ96akzjrmiIgA&index=3&feature=plcp’]

Other things that were showcased in the demo were Dante’s Devil Trigger.  When the Devil Trigger is engaged Dante will deal double damage, restore his health, and perform combat maneuvers faster.  The Devil Trigger gauge can be used in full or smaller increments; it really depends on how much ass you need to kick.  Also one thing that we all picked up was when Devil Trigger is engaged Dante’s look is very reminiscent of his appearance from previous DmC installments.  We were told to expect this to be explained over the course of the game’s narrative.

When the floor opened for Q&A I asked a few questions that I wanted answered in regards to some of the game’s design choices.  First and foremost I wanted to get a better understanding of Dante’s new look.  I was told that Ninja Theory and Capcom wanted to give Dante a more contemporary look and that “Rockstars dress down not up anymore” and that in order for this game to feel fresh they wanted to evolve the character design.  Secondly I wanted to know about the new combat mechanics and how they would be implemented into the final product.  Ninja Theory wanted to keep the hardcore combo elements intact for DmC so they put a greater emphasis on Air combat and with that emphasis on vertical combat players will be able to pull off those SSS combos.  I had one last thing that I wanted to know, was DmC influenced by the movie “They Live”, and Ninja Theory’s Creative Director, Tameem Antonaides, was gracious enough to answer it for me.  He said “Yes, most of the evil these days is behind the scenes, so They Live had an influence on our narrative design”.  Some of you might remember earlier trailers for DmC where the “They Live” themes are laid on thick, so I was glad to get some clarification.

I was able to play DmC very briefly after my presentation and I think that fans of the original titles will enjoy Ninja Theory’s take on Dante’s story.  DmC will be coming out January 15th, 2013 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 with PC details to follow.  Stay tuned for more E3 2012 coverage here at HeyUGuys Gaming.