Dwayne Johnson’s father, retired WWE wrestler Rocky Johnson, is set to be the subject of a new biopic from indie filmmakers Jonathan and Justin Gajewski.

The Canadian Gajewski twins will produce the biopic after optioning the rights to tell the story behind the Canadian Wrestler who retired in 1991. “We are very excited to bring Rocky Johnson’s incredible story to the world,” said the filmmakers in a statement. The duo are also writing the screenplay for Ring King

During his wrestling career, he became a National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) Georgia Champion and an NWA Southern Heavyweight Memphis Champion, as well as winning many other championships. Along with his partner Tony Atlas, Johnson was a part of the first black tag team to win the World Tag Team championship in the World Wrestling Federation, now known as the WWE.

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Before becoming Rocky Johnson, the wrestler, known as Wade Douglas Bowles started wrestling in 1964 as a young man in and around Toronto. Eventually, as a black Canadian in the U.S. during the civil rights movement, Rocky Johnson went on to make his name in the professional wrestling game as a journeyman while fending off racial prejudice and other personal and professional obstacles outside the ring. That included being among the first black wrestlers to demand and receive a contract.

The Gajewski twins are known for there work as assistant directors on a host of movies and TV series shot in Toronto, including Suicide Squad, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and the Minority Reportminiseries.