Michael McIntyre - Hello WembleyNow please forgive me for indulging in a DVD which isn’t strictly a film. In fact, it has no relation to a film in any sense other than the medium in which it was delivered!

If you’ve not heard of Michael McIntyre and live in the UK then you must have been living in a box for the past few years. ‘Michael McIntyre Hello Wembley’ is a stand up show brought to us by the legendary comedian himself and I highly recommend you check it out. McIntyre has the ability to take even the most mundane topics and turn them into something hilarious. Sometimes slightly over the PC mark, he creates a fun, light and mostly non offensive form of comedy.

It’s hard to review a comedy DVD in the sense that there is not much production but McIntyre fills the huge Wembley Arena stage with his excellent personality and charisma as if it was made for him. watching the DVD made me feel like I was there and this is definitely a DVD you could watch more than once.

With Christmas approaching, this is the perfect present to get for your dad or best friend and it will keep them laughing for the full 80 minutes.

Michael McIntyre, Live at Wembley is available to buy on DVD 16th November.