Last Chance Harvey DVDLast Chance Harvey is a romantic comedy directed by Joel Hopkins and starring Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson. After seeing Thompson in roles like Proffessor Sybil Trelawney in Potter and Nanny McPhee, it was nice to see her return to a standard role where we get to see her acting ability shine through.

Last Chance Harvey is about a man who is a composer for TV commercials in theUnited States. He’s stuck in his job which has changed over the years to become digital meaning the job he once loved as a muscian  has become mundane and tedious. The main storyline follows Harvey travelling to London, England to see his daughter get married. He arrives to find that the wedding has been planned without any input from him but by his exwife and his daughter’s step father. Things go from bad to worse when his daughter tells him that she s going to ask her step father to give her away.

Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman - Last Chance HarveyEmma Thompson’s charcter is unlucky in love and has a mother who is insesantly calling her to tell her that her neighbour is collecting dead bodies! This forms a great and funny side storyline involving a lot of curtain twitching! As time passes, we’re taken on a journey of a couple meeting and forming a relationship.

Emma Thompson & Dustin Hoffman - Last Chance HarveyI’d seen the trailer for Last Chance Harvey and to be honest, I thought it looked dull and boring. After watching the movie, it turned out to be a charming story of a couple who just want to be happy in life and love.

Hoffman and Thompson are both veteran, legendary actors and they both play excellent roles in this movie with great conviction and set the perfect tone in roles that must have been quite hard to play. It’s not going to set any DVD sales records but if you’re out to see a movie that is both funny, emotional and charming then this one is fo you.

Last Chance Harvey is available on Blu Ray and DVD NOW!