One of our readers, Duncan was tasked with reviewing Family Guy season 8 for us. Check out his thoughts below….

I’ve always been a huge fan of Family Guy since it first aired in 1999 and I am quite proud it has survived into its eighth season. I had a lot of expectation and this season does not disappoint. I think Family Guy’s best attributes are it’s cut away gags and they come thick and fast here. They are more frequent, funny and close to the mark compared to previous seasons. I just don’t know how they keep coming up with them. For FG fans, or for those just simply interested in a bit of a laugh, then every season is a must buy. Very few episodes disappoint throughout the entire show, and thankfully, Season 8 is no exception.

All your favourite characters that we have known and loved since the first season from little Stewie Griffin still trying to take over the world to Quagmire “gigidy gigidy gigidy gigidy” continue to develop and grow. Once again Family Guy attract a number of well known faces, James Woods, Barry Manilow, O. J. Simpson oh and of course Jesus Christ.

Even though it’s a cartoon I find the characters very realistic and three-dimensional and a lot of fun to watch. The episode plots and dialogue are nothing less than genius and the time and efforts that go into every episode is amazing. You can tell they have a lot of fun making this.

The Special Features are pretty standard which include commentaries on every episode by creator Seth MacFarlane, writers, directors, producers and cast members, also deleted scenes, and featurettes including footage from Comic-Con 2008.

I’m glad that Family Guy has survived into its eighth season and I hope that it continues far into the future.?

You can buy Family Guy Season 8 here.