All About Steve is released on DVD this coming 17th May. It’s the new movie starring this years Oscar winner, Sandra Bullock and a supporting cast including Thomas Haden Church, Ken Jeong, DJ Qualls, Keith David, Katy Mixon and man of the moment, Bradley Cooper. With those two, you’d expect a decent movie but read on to see what I thought of All About Steve…..

The movie focuses around Mary (Sandra Bullock) who works for a local newspaper called the Sacramento Herald and is responsible for the cross word section. She takes her job very seriously and her one love in the world is words which makes her job perfect. Still living with her parents and approaching the age where she wants to get married, she’s fixed up on a date with Steve (Bradley Cooper), a cameraman for TV news channel. Mary is somewhat eccentric and manages to scare Steve off within the first ten minutes of meeting him but to rid her from his life, tells her it’s a shame she can’t come with him. Taking this literally, Mary decides to pursue (or even stalk) Steve to find out if his love is true.

Unfortunately this ‘comedy’ fails at the first hurdle and suffers from being thoroughly unfunny and cliched. The likes of Bullock should be aiming for higher calibre movies than this now that she has firmly stamped her authority on Hollywood. I don’t know if she wanted to return to her Miss Congeniality roots but this movie was a mistake. Cooper has done well to be cast in successful movies and, like Bullock, should have steered clear of this one.

There’s the odd moment which will make you chuckle to yourself but i dont think i actually laughed once and when you put the words comedy on your production notes, unfortunately that’s the aim people.

All About Steve is released on DVD 17th May and can be purchased here.