One of my regular stops on the internet is the wonderful ManMadeMovies, which is the best place to go for all those Lunartics who were caught up in the orbit of Duncan Jones after the release of his sublime Moon.

Now with his recent BAFTA in his pocket Duncan Jones is onto bigger things, namely Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal and Vera Farmiga and ManMadeMovies had the chance to talk with Jones to discuss his past, present and future.

It’s a great interview and I’m sure that if you follow Jones on Twitter you’ll know that he is a very generous guy, keen to embrace the internet and in the candid interview he gives updates on Source Code and tells the story of his dalliance with the new Judge Dredd movie,

I would have loved to do the Judge Dredd movie that is underway. I was in fact sent the script to look at. Its a great script, and I hope I will not rue the decision of passing on it.

Thing was, I had such a strong idea of what I wanted to do with a Dredd movie, I could not bring myself to take it on and not do it my way! … and its not like I could do it as a sequel either; my Dredd would have been really weird, and dark and funny, but not your traditional introduction to a hero character. I dont even know if I could have made my version of the film pitch-able. It was maybe too off the wall.

Man – that would have been something to see…

Head on over to ManMadeMovies (and follow him on Twitter here) for the full interview – it’s well worth your time.