With a debut as successful and as critically lauded as Moon Duncan Jones has the angel of momentum on one shoulder and the devil of expectation on the other.

News today that his next, the time-travel thriller Source Code starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a solider who is implanted the body of a commuter on a train that was bombed, has two new names to the cast.

High on the success of Up In The Air Vera Farmiga will play the role of a communications officer guided Gyllenhall as he travels back and back again to figure out who the bomber is, according to the report on the Heat Vision blog. Joining her will be Eagle Eye’s Michelle Monaghan, who will play the woman with whom the commuter is romantically involved.

Jones’ Moon was such an effective and assured film that moving to a bigger production should prove no obstacle, and his epic work with Sam Rockwell gave a gravitas and power to Moon and I’m hoping Farmiga and Monaghan will do the same and draw a wide audience – Jones certainly deserves it.