duncanjonesDuncan Jones, the man behind Moon has just been announced as the director of Source Code, which will star Jake Gyllenhall.

Brendon at /Film has read an early draft of the script, and if his synopsis is anything to go by, it sounds like ideal fodder for Jones, combining a novel idea, a talented actor and near-future sci-fi setting.

The film is being produced by a new company called Vendome, and a quick browse of the interwebs led us to vendomepictures.com. As yet it’s a completely bare website, but it’s probably worth keeping an eye on the site for updates about the picture, which is due to start shooting early next year.

Obviously, this is going to cause Jones’ pet project, Mute, to be pushed back until after Source Code is complete.

That said, it is clear in the statement he made to HeyUGuys, that Jones is not only excited about his new project, but aware of how much closer this will bring him to realising his vision for Mute:

Source Code is an amazing opportunity at the right time, and with any luck, if I can do a good job with it, it will make getting the financing for Mute a much easier prospect.“

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