Much has changed in the world of technology and each new development has the power to change our world for good. Cinematically the leaps in technology can be as impactful as James Cameron’s Avatar with its motion-capture technology and 3D CG world. Now there’s something new on the horizon.

Drones are nothing new, they’ve been used in the military for years now but it’s only in the last few years that we’ve seen this very expensive kit start to become affordable for consumer markets. Companies like DJI are the ones we must thank for bringing this insanely brilliant technology to the marketplace with models like their Phantom 1 and Phantom 2.

You can now buy a drone and GoPro-style camera for as little as £500 – £1000 depending on the kit you buy. By way of example, a DJI Phantom 2 Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter with build in camera could be yours for as little as £905. You can also buy a GoPro version for £500 if you already have the camera.

Go-ProFor filmmakers this is golden. Gone are the days where you need to budget £100 000 to hire a helicopter, you can now buy your own kit which (as long as you don’t crash!) will last you many times over bringing you back stunning shots time and time again.

We have two examples below for you, the first from a ColourChaos event that I attended over the summer where a Drone and GoPro brought brilliant aerial shots of a ‘Colour Chaos’ event and another piece by filmmaker John Duncan who has created a short film of sorts called ‘Beautiful Scotland’. It’s simply breathtaking and makes me want to find a spare grand to order a drone right this second.

Be aware though budding drone-fliers – accidents can happen as you will also see below so make sure you look after your drone and no-doubt your drone will look after you!

Keep your eyes peeled in the skies people, as you’ll no doubt start to see more of these Unmaned Aerial Vehicals buzzing past your very eyes! Thank you DJI , GoPro and companies like you!

Colour Chaos – GoPro Edition

Beautiful Scotland

Drone Mishaps!