Of course I’m being playful with that headline – there will be no coitus of any kind. No matter how vehemently the opposing sides of Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges’ good and evil crash against each other in this new trailer for Seventh Son, this is a family affair.

Looking at this new trailer there’s not a rock unturned in the Fantasy garden, with witches, dragons, groundswelling monsters, a young apprentice and so on and so far so familiar.

Where this one looks like gaining a foothold in the arena of our interest is the cast. With the aforementioned Bridges and Moore facing off there is Ben Barnes, as the eponymous son, the ever-wonderful Olivia Williams looking terribly earnest and the Testament of Youth pairing of Alicia Vikander and Kit Harington.

There are many books in Joseph Delaney’s book series The Last Apprentice, so if it makes a boatload of cash, expect many, many more of these…