Looking to kick some demon ass again in Doom 3?  Well come this Fall you will be able to do that in glorious re-mastered HD graphics on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC (which looked pretty well to begin with).  Doom 3 BFG edition will drop on October 16th in North America and October 19th in Europe and will set you back $29.99 (£19.99 / €29.99) on PC and $39.99 (£29.99 / €39.99) on Xbox 360 and PS3.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYq2XWAQxUk’]

The Doom 3 BFG edition includes Doom 3, the Resurrection of Evil expansion, and 7 additional levels of new content entitled “The Lost Mission”.  In addition to enhanced visuals, improved rendering and lighting, Doom 3 BFG has been optimized in 3D and will support 5.1 surround sound.  Trophies and Achievements have also been integrated into this latest release and a new check point system that will allow for a smoother progression through the game.  And to round out the new features an armored mounted flashlight will grant players the ability to light dark areas while simultaneously blowing away enemies (a welcomed new mechanic I think).

Doom 3 BFG edition will also include Doom and Doom 2 making it a perfect collection for longstanding fans and for those who may have missed out on the original FPS classics.