Two days ago Tim Burton was presented with the Legend award at the Jameson Empire awards and I managed to sit down with the man for a few minutes to talk about his work and we ended up discussing his latest, Dark Shadows.

The problem was that I was almost entirely bladdered on the free Jameson and can’t actually remember what he said about it, other than he’s very excited about it and he hopes it will surprise a lot of people. So, not exactly a high point in my journalistic career but it was a little unexpected that the first thing which came to mind from seeing the trailer for the film was how funny it looked – the line about the tiny songstress being a particular highlight.

This new TV spot continue the quirk, and there’s clearly a lot of fun to be had around the notion of a centuries old vampire awakening in 1970s America and the cast Burton has lined up (all shadows from his former work of course) look like a fun bunch to spend time with.

Eyes down,

Hey Dread Central, here’s a bowlful of thanks.